"If we are to the heal the planet, we are to begin by healing birthing." - Agnes Sallet Von Tannenburg



Please click here for many past client reviews of my doula services. (Click on testimonials once on site.) If you would like a personal reference from a past client(s), please let me know and I would be happy to provide that for you.

  • Tara is the best doula I could hope for.  I cannot recommend her highly enough — there is absolutely no question in my mind that she enabled me to have a natural birth.  I couldn’t have done it without her.  She was exactly what I needed at every moment, from before birth, to those first contractions, through the tough contractions, getting us to the hospital at the right time, and then intervening in just the right way at the right times with the doctor and hospital staff, through birth, and helping the baby latch and breastfeed afterward.  Her skill and demeanor are outstanding.

    Moreover, my husband, who was not at first a fan of having a doula, raves about Tara.  He is so glad she was with us:  she provided him guidance to know how to give me the support I needed from him.  He also likes her as a person, and therefore felt very good about her being part of our birth experience.

    When it comes to being part of a birth, skill and experience are key, but a person's spirit is equally as important.  Tara has a special gift for being a doula, and I knew from our first meeting that she would be a wonderful presence at the birth of our baby.

    -Lindsay and Josh Simmons,September 2010
  • I had the most incredible birth experience. It was everything I wanted it to be, and a major part of that was our doula, Tara Lussier. When my husband and I decided we wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth, we knew we’d both need extra support and it was my husband who actually pushed hard to find a doula. She came highly recommended and from our first phone conversation I knew we had a connection and she would be a perfect fit for us.

    During our meetings, Tara helped us understand all our options without pushing her own opinions. She supported our decisions, and when our birth day came, she was an extra advocate for us. She worked with our nurse and mid-wife to make sure we had a healthy birth, while respecting our wishes. She and my husband were so encouraging during the labor and helped me keep my rhythm, which I believe helped me to have a faster and gentler birth.

    Throughout my pregnancy Tara was available to answer any questions I had via phone or email. She also teaches a prenatal yoga class that I enjoyed going to on a weekly basis. Not only was the yoga an important part of my birth journey, but being able to spend more time getting to know Tara really made me feel even more comfortable during the birth. Tara is a cheerful, calm, knowledgeable, and empowering woman. I am so grateful she was a part of our birth, and I would recommend her to any family looking for support on their birth journey.

    -Elizabeth and Erik Anderson, April 2011
  • My birth experience was the most amazing and intense experience of my life and I could not have done it without the unwavering support of my husband, Loudoun Community Midwives, and my doula Tara. Your confidence, physical support, and emotional coaching throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum days helped guarantee that one of the most monumental moments of our lives was an awesomely positive one. Thank you for sharing this miraculous moment with us.

    -The Sanglier Family, July 2010

Tara was (is) wonderful!  I have been a yogi (yoga person) for a while and Tara was able to make my dream birth a reality.  I delivered at the Birthing Inn, Inova Loudoun off Route 7.  I wanted to go natural since it was my first.  Tara was an incredible support to me by continually encouraging me to breathe, stay focused and would inform me of the stages and progression of labor.  When things would start to get intense, she would calm our fears and let us know that this is normal and would adapt to my laboring as things progressed. She had a plethera of items and mantras that assisted me during birth. My contractions began at about 4am Monday morning (Nov 8th).  I was cramping and waited to call Tara until 6am.  The contractions were still spuratic so we opted to wait until 8 to see what to do.  I called her or she called me every 45 - 55 minutes for an update (that was what we all agreed on at the time).  I knew I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and at 8 am we decided to hang out at the house for a bit even though they were 10 minutes apart.  However, within an hour they were 3-5 minutes apart and we called the doctor and Tara who all noted that they would meet us at the hospital.  Tara would have been with us at that time, however the hospital was halfway between both of us.  She met us in the parking lot and helped me make my way to the checkin area as I contracted every 2 minutes.  I got checked in at 3 cm 50% efaced and went right into a room. Tara was sure to mention for us that I  needed wireless monitoring (to move during labor) and a room with a tub (my preference)..  So I labored in the tub from 11am until 2, my water broke at 2:15 and I moved to the bed to push.  40 minutes later my daughter was born.  8lbs 5 oz!  All natural...I would say that she was amazing with me but more so with my husband.  He felt so helpless but Tara encouraged and directed (when appropriate) on how to help me.  She would make suggestions or offer things that he might do or say to help me through the various phases.  When he got light headed or tired, she made sure that he got some food and drink and took a break.  He was able to step outside knowing that she (Tara) was with me and I was taken care of.  He also felt settled knowing that she would speak up and ask questions for us so that he could totally focus on me.  It is hard to listen to the staff and decide things and do things (as a husband) when all you want to do is place all your efforts and energy towards your wife (and soon to be child). Tara was also a great advocate and communicator with the nurses and doctors.  It was very comforting knowing that she had a relationship with the staff at the facility and knew who to request for care. Tara is an incredibly flexible and knowledgeable individual who will make every effort to give you your ideal birth!  Having gone through a C-section with her twins she knows the recovery of a c-section however, knows the beauty and process of going natural as well.  I can't recommend her enough.  She has become part of our birth story, our family and memory.

-Jess and Erick Daniels, November 2010

Tara was amazing throughout my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. I was 9 days late and was seeking advice on how to get things going and she was always there to help. My labor was crazy fast and without Tara, I don't know how I would have coped. I don't know how she did it, but she relieved some of my awful back labor and I am so thankful I had her. In addition, even though it was my second baby, I also forgot how to breastfeed! but Tara was there, reminding me. She is the best thing since sliced bread!

-Nicole Hall, July 2011