Pricing for doula, yoga and mommy nutrition services by Tara Lussier in the Northern Virginia area

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Mommy Nutrition

Birth Assisting


Doula Services Pricing

Birth Doula Package

*$1600, which is reflective of my over 200 births as a doula, student midwife and birth assistant in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area. Discounts are available for certain birth locations (please inquire), and those that have previously had an unmedicated birth. If my fee creates financial hardship for you and your family, please inquire and we can create a package that works for you. I beleive all families deserve support during this wondrous time and I'll do my best to work with you to make that happen.

I now accept major credit cards via PayPal, so you can use your HSA and Flexible Spending Accounts to pay for my services. I am seeing a lot of reimbursements through HSA's and FSA's. Some  health insurance companies are now reimbursing for doula services as well, please check with yours to see what coverage you have. I have a health care provider number available to you if needed. For a good explanation of why a birth doula charges what she does; please go to

Typically, I collect the first half of payment at the first prenatal appointment and/or contract signing, and the remaining balance is due by 38 weeks gestation, in order for me to go on call for you. I like to be flexible with my clients if these typical payment procedures are a challenge for you and your family. I enjoy maintaining a small practice in order to give you and your family the attention and support that you deserve during this extraordinary time in your lives.

Birth doula + Placenta

*$1850 Included in this package is my basic doula services PLUS custom placenta encapsulation through my exclusive partnership with Lauren Buttrick and Kaitlin Stoutenburgh of For more information on placenta encapsulation, please check out their site.

Birth Doula + Yoga Package

This package is $1750. It includes the complete birth doula package, plus two private yoga sessions, in your home. Typically the yoga sessions are one prenatally, which includes yoga asanas/ positions to incorporate into your practice for labor and birth, and one postpartum, which shows you ways to ease back into exercise with baby…it’s usually a mommy and me class, which moms and babies both enjoy!

Birth Doula + Nutrition Package A

This package is currently $1750. It includes the entire birth doula package plus two private nutrition consultations. Typically, (although this can be altered to suit your needs/desires), the nutrition consultations are one prenatally, to include good foods and resources for “eating for two” and to prepare for labor and birth, and one postpartum, to help clarify how to “get the baby weight off” safely, and eating while nursing, all while using a holistic approach.

Birth Doula + Nutrition Package B

This package is $2600. It includes the entire birth doula package as well as a six month comprehensive holistic nutrition program to fully experience the change and time, that creating a healthier and happier life requires. The program is typically done either during the prenatal time, or the postpartum time, or a combination of both, taking two weeks off for the birth of your baby. We will meet twice a month, either in person, or on the phone during the six months. Each consultation will include tips and resources to help you in your quest to lead a healthier and happier life, especially during such an amazing and eventful time as the birth of your baby! For more information about my training and the program, please visit

The Blissful Mama Package

This package includes the birth doula package, two private yoga sessions, one prenatally and one postpartum, and two holistic nutrition consultations, typically one prenatally and one postpartum. The price of this blissed out package is $1950.

The Om Mama Package

This package includes the birth doula package, two private yoga sessions, one prenatally and one postpartum, and the six month holistic mommy nutrition complete package. This package will prepare you for birth and motherhood like no other! The price for this comprehensive package is $2900.

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Yoga Services Pricing

Private Yoga

I currently offer private yoga sessions, in Ashtanga, Vinyasa,  Prenatal and/or Mommy and Me based classes in your home at the 75 minute rate of $125. The rate stays the same unless you have more than 8 people, at which time it would increase to $150. Please contact me for availability and spacing requirements in your home.

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Mommy Nutrition Pricing

Holistic Nutrition Consultations

I currently offer holistic nutrition counseling for women, usually in their childbearing years either in person in the Northern VA area, or on the phone, worldwide. My current rate is $150 for a one hour session, and we can customize and build a package that is suitable for you. For more information about my training and holistic nutrition, please visit

Holistic Nutrition Six Month Package

The current price for my six month package is $1400. Studies have shown that it takes six months to make or break one’s habits. Given this fact, my school, Integrative Nutrition, encourages a six month time period for holistic nutrition counseling. Over this time, I will help you to have a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. We have a unique approach to nutrition, which incorporates all things as “feeding us” including our careers, relationships, physical activity and spiritual practices, not just the food we actually consume! We will meet twice a month, either in person in the Northern VA area, or on the phone from anywhere in the world. Each 50 minute session will include health coaching and counseling, tips and resources, and one or two ideas for you to incorporate into your life to ultimately get you to thriving, not just living! For more information on my school and training, please visit

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Birth Assisting Pricing

Birth Assisting Package

My birth assisting services are currently only available as a package with TLC Birth, and my fee is encompassed in the total fee paid to TLC Birth. Please contact me at for more information on my birth assisting availability, or contact or

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